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Dock On A Rock’s brackets have a new and improved 3rd Generation design. In pairs or multiples, our brackets will create a solid base for your sundeck, dock, stairs, or walkway. Our brackets are used exclusively to create a safe shore base, as a transition to your floating dock systems.

Our patented brackets are manufactured by our Mennonite friends, in central Ontario, Canada, using state of the art manufacturing processes. Formed laser cut hot dipped galvanized A36 steel plate form the base, and galvanized HSS steel tube is used in the horizontal arm and adjustment barrels. All our bracket kits include structural grade SAE 4140 (A193 B7) galvanized mounting hardware, and acrylic chemical anchor.

Cantilevered above the water our brackets are completely adjustable, and permanently mounted to any inclined solid rock surface, from 25 to 90 degrees on our Original 36" unit, and 40 to 90 degrees on our Long Arm 72"unit. Being cantilevered above the water all environmental concerns have been eliminated. (As per Ontario's MNR Parry Sound office 2009, & Kenora office 2010).

Original 36” Bracket

This bracket kit is used extensively for narrow shoreline walkways, mounting stairs, stair landings, and for floating docks shore attachemnet.

Long Arm 72” Bracket

This bracket kit is used extensively for shoreline decks, docks, and for floating docks shore attachment.

Aluminum Beams

These structural 6.5" 6061T6 beams are ideal for dock structure replacement on cribs, shore based walkways and decks.

Telescoping Floating Dock Strong Arms

These telescoping arms locate your floating dock in a fixed location, but allow the dock to move with wave and wake action.

Adapter Plates

A pair of shallow angle adapter plates, and fasteners.

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